Horizontal Rotary Fermentation Tank

Product Details

Rotary Fermentation Tank

Rotary fermentation tank is an innovative technology for winemaker, the horizontal type and rotary mixing can increase the touching capacity between grape must and cap, the tannin and anthocyan can be macerated at the maximum, it can reducing manual labor but not compromising wine quality. 

It is a multi-purpose device. If you are a white wine producer it could provide you with the highest quality must for the fermentation, and the same device meets the requirements of the red wine producers, by proving them with the just-right environment for the fastest vinification of the grape mass.



System of reversive rotation 

Spiral screw for agitating and discharging of rape 

Upper manhole 

Relief valve 

Dimple jacket 


Discharging door

Support frame 

Sample valve


Inlet /Outlet 

Control panel for manual or automatic adjustment of the values

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