Sparkling Wine Storage Tank

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Product Details


Sparkling wine tank is kind of pressure tank with test pressure 12bar.

It's particularly used for post fermenting in stainless steel tank, which replaces the traditional process-bottled maturation. This technology increases production capacity a lot. 

Cylindrical shell
Dished top and bottom

Inside pressure from 2 to 5 bar  
4 legs
Adjustable feet,
Side oval manhole
Dimple cooling jacket (cooling coil)
Insulation layer PU foam
Welded stainless steel cladding
Drain outlet
Pressure gauge
Breathing valve
Sampling valve
Side agitator with motor and gear box 
Level gauge
CIP system
Butterfly valve & tri clamps


● Pressurised tanks for production of sparkling wine are equipped with a valve to achieve isobaric conditions and a decantation valve to remove sediment.

● Designing pressure: 10bar.

● Side agitator flange mounted.

● Full cooling jacket on cylindrical.

● Stainless steel cladding externally.

Accessories include safety valve,pressure gage, thermometer, sample&racking port,level indicator.


1.Made by nice stainless steel 304,sanitary grade,

2.All welded parts are polished smoothly,

3.Interior cooling plate has better performance of heat exchanging,

4.Reasonable prices


Company information

Prettech is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel tank manufacturer in China, with 43 years of history our tanks are widely used in food&beverage,dairy,pharmacy,chemicals,especially in industry of wine, beer,juice,edible oil and vinegar. We can do not only single tanks but also production line in wine and Chinese alcohol.

We have advanced machines such as plasma cutting machine,laser cutting/welding machine and welding robot,they can do the tank very accurately and automatically. Prettech also has an experienced working team, including designer, producing workers and installating workers,it guarantee we can deliver qualified products/projects to customers.

Quality control

● All stainless steel coils are purchased from high-quality steel supplier.All chemical composition and mechanics performances are controlled strictly.

● All welders are qualified.

● ISO9001 system assures all procedures done correctly.

● All tanks are inspected completely before delivery, including hydrostatic test, dye penetration test,etc.

Convenient logistics

● Door to door delivery saves time&energy for clients.

● Optimized container proposals save client’s shipping freight.

● Safe seaworthy package and loading guarantee non-destroyed parts during shipping is promised.

After-sales Service Provided

1 year of tank and 6 months of accessories guarantee, lifelong maintenance at cost charge

7x24 hours per week email&phone available

Maintenance, return & exchanges services


Each tank is wrapped with blanket and anti-water film, lay down on steel saddle in the container,and is braced by steel wire.The packaging looks very beautiful and won’t be damaged during shipment.