Variable Capacity Tank

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Product Details

Floating lid with sealing gasket makes liquid inside of the tank variable via adjusting lid height, avoiding possible oxidizing caused by half-tank of wine.
Heavy duty made keeps our tank in high quality level.
VCT is a multiple-purpose wine tank, it can be used for fermenting dry red wine, and can also be used as storage and buffer tank. It's particularly used in small wineries for different usage.
Besides of winery, VCT is also used popularly in cider making.

● Equipped with a manual windlass for an easy lifting and sinking of the lid.
● Reinforced upper ring gives the tank strength and stability and prevents any deformations of the shell.
● Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid.
● The large rectangular manhole makes the emptying and cleaning of tank interior easy and simply.
● The food-grade air seal is sourced from Europe with super high quality and durability.
● The matchable pump with pressure gauge is safe, convenient and user-friendly.
● Ice shield, or oval manway is optional.

● Material: Stainless steel 304

● Exterior& interior 2B finish; interior welds are ground, passivated and polished

● Inner diameter 1800mm, shell height 2200mm

● Cylindrical shell; open top with reinforced ring; sloped flat bottom

● S/s legs with adjustable feet

● Floating lid with air seal; air pump with gauge; strong lifting mast, arm and winch

● Dimple cooling jacket 1000mm height

● Jacket inlet/outlet 1'' NPT

● Rectangular mandoor 555*430mm

● Racking valve 2'' TC

● Sump with drain valve 2'' TC

● Thermometer

● Sampler valve

● 2'' Breathing valve

● Lifting lugs & ladder rack

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