10000L Wine Fermenter

10000L Wine Fermenter
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Product Details

10000L wine fermenter

Pump-over fermentation tank is primarily intended for maceration of grape pomace, but it also can be used as a classic wine storage tank. 


● The circulation pipe and spray ball enable the must to be pumped over the cap, which helps the maceration. 

● Slope bottom provides an easy discharge of liquid. 

● The large rectangular manhole makes the emptying and cleaning of the tank inside easy and simple. 

● Cooling jacket is for controlling the fermentation temperature perfectly. 

● Maximize color extraction without compromising efficiency. 

● High volume pump-over systems for faster cap wetting. 

Product Details

● 2100mm(D) x 3000mm(shell height)

● Material: Stainless steel 304 

● Exterior& interior 2B finish; interior welds are ground, passivated and polished

● Cylindrical shell; conical top; sloped flat bottom

● S/s legs with adjustable feet

● Dimple cooling jacket 

● Jacket inlet/outlet 1'' NPT female

● Top round mandoor 450mm

● Rectangular mandoor 555*430mm

● Oval racking door 530*430mm(optional)

● Racking valve 2'' TC

● Drain valve 2''TC

● Thermometer

● Pump-over pipe and rotary sprayer

● Sample valve 1/2'' 

● Breathing valve 2'' TC

● Lifting lugs & ladder rack

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