Wine Making Equipment Maintenance

  Wine Making Equipment maintenance, in order to brew wine must have good Wine Making Equipment, and good Wine Making Equipment will be good after the maintenance of Wine Making Equipment, only maintenance of the equipment, Wine Making Equipment service life will be longer, then how to correctly maintain the brewery? Let's take a look at the maintenance of the wine-making equipment organized for everyone:

  Wine Making Equipment maintenance: Maintenance than repair more proactive: maintenance is the normal operation of the production equipment to carry out regular or irregular maintenance inspection, its purpose is to ensure that production equipment does not occur or less failure, the functional departments to master the maintenance and repair should follow the principle. Maintenance time by the use and management of their own flexible grasp, can be autonomous planning and control, is proactive and active preventive maintenance means. Repair is the failure of the production equipment to repair, the purpose is to restore the original function, to ensure the normal operation of production equipment. Repair time is not maintained by the maintenance staff themselves, planning and controllability is poor, is a passive, negative maintenance means.

  Application range of high efficiency and energy-saving brewing equipment

  Distilled liquor: Shan distilled rice wine, glutinous rice wine, sorghum wine, corn wine, wheat wine and other kinds of food wine, Shan distillation pear wine, wine, cider, fruit wine, snow lotus wine and other fruit wine, Shan distillation of yam wine.

  Sterilization: It can be used in the processing, production and sterilization of rice wine, soy sauce, feed, tofu and so on.

  Distillation: The barrel of this equipment can be used to rice, another because of the equipment on the boiler has two of steam pipes, as long as the other confecting a rice pot, can be in the steaming wine at the same time rice, save time and fuel.