Wine Making Equipment Is Divided Into A Variety Of Materials

  Wine Making Equipment is divided into a variety of materials, different materials brewed the taste of the wine naturally have their own differences.

  To wood as the material of the brewing equipment:

  Advantages: cheap cost.

  Disadvantages: wood Zhen is a piece of wood together, the gap between the wood, the seal is not good, coupled with the performance of the pot is not good to lead the wine steam run away, about 20% lower production, bought cheap, but in fact Production efficiency is very low.

  To the material for the wine brewing equipment:

  Advantages: the cost is relatively cheap.

  Disadvantages: easy to rust rust, will lead to steamed wine is rusty, the color turns yellow, seriously affecting the quality and taste of liquor.

  Alcohol-based brewing equipment:

  Advantages: no rust.

  Disadvantages: not high temperature, aluminum alloy containing lead, in the process of steaming wine is broken down, affecting the quality of white wine, containing carcinogenic substances, the national food hygiene law, can not use aluminum to produce food utensils.

  Ceramic-made brewing equipment:

  Advantages: wine taste is good.

  Disadvantages: ceramic thermal conductivity slow, steaming wine for a long time, a waste of fuel. And easy to move and fragile, but also cheap to buy expensive with.

  Copper-made brewing equipment:

  Advantages: copper ions can enhance the quality of liquor, is a good brewing equipment materials.

  Disadvantages: expensive, a small device to a few million.

  Stainless steel for the brewing equipment:

  There are industrial, food special, medical special steel, usually food is 8K304 steel, acid, alkali, high temperature. Life of up to 10 years, good thermal conductivity, cooling and sealing performance Ye Hao, to ensure that the production and quality of liquor, the cost is moderate, is a good choice for Wine Making Equipment.