Wine Making Equipment Easy To Operate

  Wine Making Equipment easy to operate, durable features, should also have the following advantages:

  (A) the speed of the wine

  It is not only because of the need to save time, it is easy to say that the cooler of the liquor equipment is good and can quickly cool the wine vapor into the liquor from the brewer, and the faster the wine is cooled, the corresponding wine Less steam loss. More importantly, the cooling effect is so fast that the liquor equipment can reduce the tail wine. Why is this? Because the whole process of distillation of liquor is the use of liquor and water boiling point of the different principles to extract liquor, with the wine heating equipment, the more the number of alcohol out behind the lower, that is, the lot will increase a lot. Poor design of liquor equipment is this: the white wine has reached 72 degrees boiling point into a wine vapor, but the cooling is so there is equipment, with the constant heating, slow water evaporation is growing, so wine The steam was diluted. At this time the cooler began to slowly drink, because it is a mixture of steam and steam, natural liquor degrees become low.Wine Making Equipment The rush technology of the cooling system is to obtain national patents, not only can quickly drink, but also reduce the liquor tail.

  (B) the quality of wine is high

  Excellent wine equipment wine with wine bright and clean, Miantian refreshing, pure wine quality characteristics. I brewed wine equipment by the national statutory departments to detect, the quality of wine to meet the national first-class product standards.Wine Making Equipment Equipment supporting clinker high yield of wine for the special wine song, the production of fragrant material ability, strong ability to sour, any biological starch can be completely saccharification, sugar fermentation into a complete fermentation, is a pure biological compound preparation. It is this wine wine wine fragrance, mellow taste, but also a substantial increase in the rate of liquor. Winter is not break nine, summer is not rest, to solve the safety of wine over the summer problem.