What Is Good For Wine Making Equipment?

  What is good for Wine Making Equipment?

  To liquor equipment, for example, wood and brick is the old traditional wine making equipment, because the leakage, bulky, difficult to migrate, the low rate of liquor has been eliminated. And tin Wine Making Equipment and because of expensive, difficult to popular. So now the market popular Wine Making Equipment mostly aluminum equipment and stainless steel equipment.

  Then the space is better aluminum or stainless steel better? The answer is that each has its own advantages, not the best, only the most suitable, depending on your situation.

  Aluminum Wine Making Equipment still occupies most of the market share, aluminum density is small, so aluminum Wine Making Equipment is usually very light, easy to carry. Aluminum thermal conductivity is good, so the thermal efficiency of aluminum Wine Making Equipment is high, save fuel, and the wine is fast, the high rate of wine. Aluminum low cost, so the price of aluminum Wine Making Equipment to be relatively cheap, easy to be recognized by consumers. But aluminum will be left in the welding when the more obvious bead, so the aluminum Wine Making Equipment generally looks slightly rough, and because of the high gloss of aluminum, making the overall beauty of aluminum Wine Making Equipment greatly reduced.

  The industry is circulating a saying: aluminum harmful to the human body, so the aluminum Wine Making Equipment is also harmful to the body. In fact, this argument can not withstand scrutiny.

  First, not harmful to the human body is aluminum, but aluminum ions, and only in acidic conditions, aluminum can be transformed into aluminum ions, the entire liquor distillation process can be said to be a neutral environment.

  Second, aluminum at room temperature normal, easy to air oxidation in its surface to form a dense aluminum oxide film, because the nature of aluminum oxide is extremely stable, to prevent the outside and aluminum further chemical reaction.

  In addition, aluminum oxide or "famous" refractory material, can withstand thousands of degrees of high temperature, and liquor distillation process due to the presence of water can only up to 100 degrees. So the aluminum device is harmful to the body is untenable.

  Another major player in the Wine Making Equipment market is stainless steel Wine Making Equipment. Stainless steel Wine Making Equipment, high gloss, hard wear, polished almost no weld, beautiful and beautiful, so favored by consumers.