The Material Of Wine Making Equipment

  The material of Wine Making Equipment

  At present, the mainstream of the market wine equipment materials have aluminum and stainless steel and copper three kinds, these three kinds of materials have advantages, so in the choice of the time can be free to choose. Winemakers think that the stainless steel material of the liquor-making equipment is more moderate, from the cost-effective view, is the most suitable for brewing materials.

  Food grade stainless steel, commonly used 304,316,201 of which 304 is the best, 316 second, 201 is worse. But in general, as long as there is no special requirements, in fact, 201 of the enough,Wine Making Equipment as long as there is no water, water quality not too bad, basically decades will not be bad.

  Types of Wine Making Equipment

  There are two types of wine-making equipment available in the market: old-fashioned pans and efficient steam-saving boilers. Old-fashioned pan is a traditional wine-making equipment, it has a more fatal disadvantage: Easy to paste pot, even if the master is not easy to control. The high efficiency and energy-saving steam wine pot is the product of modern science and technology development, compared with the previous equipment has many advantages: the use of a variety of national patented heating technology, never paste pot phenomenon;Wine Making Equipment The flavor of the song is only a thick wine, can be sold now, but also can be stored wine value-added; distillation of liquor released distiller's grains is to engage in breeding the best feed, lees protein content can reach more than 18%, can be fed pigs, cows, sheep, deer, fish, chickens, ducks, geese and so on. Therefore, we recommend that we choose efficient and energy-saving steam liquor equipment.

  Pre-sale service of Wine Making Equipment

  Here is a little part to tell you that the level of service is also an important factor in judging brands. Pre-sales services include:

  Buy Small wine equipment when you need to pay attention to which one, is the telephone communication, first you want to buy wine pot, you should give manufacturers to call the telephone consultation! This is the first step for you to judge the professional or not, if you ask the question he can give you a satisfactory and detailed answer, so that the factory can also. If you do not ask the question he can help you think and solve, then this factory can be trusted;