The Emergence Of Wine Making Equipment To Promote The Development Of Liquor Industry

  The emergence of Wine Making Equipment to promote the development of liquor industry

  The emergence of Wine Making Equipment, can effectively do more with less, to promote the development of liquor industry, to create more benefits, but for beginners brewing, with the equipment to understand some things, the following detailed description of the wine industry in the industry noun:

  What is the "wine song"

  The wine is actually a kind of bacteria, through the grain as a carrier in the appropriate environment of natural inoculation or inoculation of a growing bacteria, through the preservation of dry dormancy, when the water and food began to breed both fermentation. Enzymes and yeast, enzymes responsible for saccharification, yeast is responsible for alcohol fermentation.

  What is the "wine training"

  Grain after adding wine to fermented wine after the wine called wine also called wine.

  What is "wine fermentation"

  Food must be in the case of water, contact with the yeast in the yeast, enzymatic hydrolysis of sugar, sugar in the wine in the wine yeast to produce alcohol and carbon dioxide, Wine Making Equipment the process known as fermentation.

  What is "liquid fermentation"

  Food in the water soaking fermentation is called liquid fermentation. Liquid fermentation need to stir, raw materials and clinker can be used liquid fermentation.

  What is "liquid distillation"

  Will be through the liquid fermentation method of wine culture of distiller's grains and water, even with slag water poured into the pot cook called liquid distillation. Wine Making Equipment Also called cooking wine.

  What is "solid state fermentation"

  After the grain is cooked, the moisture is even and the dry and humid is suitable. Wine Making Equipment The method of direct fermentation is called solid fermentation after adding the wine. Solid state fermentation requires that the grain grain is loose and the permeability is good in order to adopt the solid state fermentation method.

  What is "solid distillation"

  Refers to the distillation of the bottom of the pot plus clean water, and then into the steaming and steaming tablets, steamed on the surface of the fermentation of good fermentation of wine for distillation, this way called solid distillation, usually only breathable food is good for solid distillation.

  What is "saccharification"

  Whether the raw material is also clinker, solid or liquid, any grain fermentation must be saccharified after the first fermentation. Chemical reaction name: called enzymatic hydrolysis, at the best temperature of 30-35 degrees to grow mold saccharification. The process of growing mold called saccharification.

  What is "semi-solid fermentation"

  Cooked food to join the wine after the song, wait for 1-2 days that is saccharification, and then add water dilution concentration near the saccharification fermentation, Wine Making Equipment and sugar fermentation side of the process. This process is called semi-solid fermentation. Usually rice and glutinous rice wine use this the way.

  What is the "first wine"

  As the name suggests, we are in the distillation of wine, the first out of the wine called "head wine", the first wine contains low boiling point substances are more, that is, the first fusel oil, so we have to get rid of.

  What is a "tail"

  As the name suggests, we are in the distillation of wine, the last out of the wine called "tail wine", tail wine degree is relatively low, high water content, high boiling material composition is more, Wine Making Equipment that is, tail fusel oil more, so we want Removed.