The Development And Evolution Of Wine Making Equipment

  The development and evolution of Wine Making Equipment.

  Since ancient times, the evolution of brewing equipment from the previous iron pans, casks to the present stainless steel material, from direct heating to the current electric heating. In the early 80, Wine Making Equipment the general Brewers chose the traditional brewing technology and the traditional brewing equipment. Traditional brewing equipment is usually composed of iron pan and cask, because the traditional brewing process is more complex, combined with the traditional wine-making equipment to the end of the 90-year-old with the beginning of the use of raw materials and aluminum raw materials brewing equipment, but because aluminum equipment is not acid and alkali, Wine Making Equipment not durable, the process of brewing to avoid alumina into the liquor, thus affecting the quality of wine, And people drank the aluminum-containing ingredients of the liquor on the body also has great damage, as a new type of stainless steel brewing equipment founder of the production of wine equipment using 304 and 8K stainless steel plate manufacturing.

  Brewing equipment in the brewing process, should try to avoid the occurrence of excessive fermentation conditions. The process can not be stained with oil, and to ensure that the utensils clean, wine equipment seals are to determine the seal is good, can be outside the bread a layer of thick clothes. Just send a good yeast rice some micro-temperature, taste sour, to wait for the cold thoroughly delicious. Wine Making Equipment There is a refrigerator, Wine Making Equipment even the basin with Rice put in the line, both can eat a cool rice, but also to prevent excessive fermentation caused rice aci