The Control Of The Temperature Of The Small-scale Wine Making Equipment

  The control of the temperature of the small-scale Wine Making Equipment, along with the consumer to the liquor quality request more and more high, the winery and the wine Square also unceasingly enhances own brewing technology, adapts the market the competition need. Have quality liquor-making equipment, but also must have good brewing technology. There are many factors that influence the process of wine-making, such as sterilization, temperature, sealing, steaming time and so on.

  Temperature control is very important for the production of high quality liquor. Its effect begins with the maturation of the raw material and continues into the bottle of fermentation, aging and liquor. If the liquor brewing process can not maintain its quality of wine to protect the temperature,Wine Making Equipment will not brew the highest quality wine. Even with the best varieties of high-quality raw materials are useless, expert analysis of the specific reasons are as follows:

  (a) High temperature will promote oxidation, causing microbial spoilage and instability

  Fermentation of microorganisms on the temperature is relatively sensitive, the general temperature is too high will let them gradually lose the original vigor,Wine Making Equipment causing spoilage and instability, so in the process of fermentation must control the temperature range, if the temperature is too high need to be cooled.

  (ii) Avoid fermentation and storage in warmer conditions

  It is important to avoid fermentation and storage in a warmer environment, because fermentation and storage under heating conditions will evaporate the expected aroma and spices in addition to alcohol.

  (iii) The process of yeast fermentation with high temperature passivation, residual sugar and fermentation

  In the process of brewing will also be used in cold treatment, such as the stability of the liquor in the processing of fresh raw materials and fermentation tank cooling,Wine Making Equipment this technology has been used by most wineries, the main heat load in the liquor factory is the temperature of the raw material and the cooling of fresh raw material juice, which is very important for the separation treatment, the temperature control all the prerequisite conditions of the brewing process, without mastering the correct temperature control technique, can not brew the refreshing liquor.