Talking About The Main Parts Of The Wine Making Equipment

  Talking about the main parts of the Wine Making Equipment

  The main part of the Wine Making Equipment consists of distillation pot, air pipe, condenser and so on. Wine equipment are used high-quality stainless steel, in line with national food machinery health standards. The Wine Making Equipment produced by the company is reasonable, safe and reliable, durable, suitable for families, small entrepreneurs, but also for small and medium-sized winery use.

  Matching clinker high yield wine for a special wine song, is a pure biological compound preparation. It can be completely saccharification of any biological starch, sugar will be thoroughly fermented into wine. Clinker high-yield wine wine song for a variety of flavor liquor production, both to produce a high degree of liquor, but also to produce low-alcohol, and can greatly improve the rate of liquor. Winter is not break nine, Wine Making Equipment

  summer is not rest, to solve the safety of wine over the summer problem. The amount of wine used very little, every 100 kilograms of grain only wine with 0.6-0.7 kg or so.

  Where the home wine equipment projects interested customers, I welcome the company to verify. Couples can be on-site verification of wine rate, the quality of wine, to confirm satisfaction and then yield. Wine Making Equipment

  Our attitude is * do not take the matter does not matter, study and study any freedom, the company said very welcome.