Stainless Steel Wine Making Equipment Is Good?

Stainless steel Wine Making Equipment is good?

Now more and more people love to drink wine in the market is also a very simple thing, but still a lot of people choose their own wine at home, why? Certainly not their own brewed wine than the regular manufacturers brew good, but in the chaotic society now a hobby, an indifferent, believe is also a good memory, but all this premise is that we must have wine Method and equipment in the process of making wine.

Then what should we choose what kind of equipment is the best in the 21st century?

After the development of traditional wine making equipment for many years, Wine Making Equipment the use of materials has been greatly developed and changed from cement tanks and containers to pots to aluminum containers since the 1970s and stainless steel containers in the late 1980s. To a safe food grade stainless steel thin wall container. Especially in the liquor manufacturing equipment, wine making equipment has been widely used in stainless steel thin-walled containers.

As a large number of stainless steel thin-walled containers using high-quality cold-rolled stainless steel plate, in the structural design to strengthen and optimize, it can greatly save the container tank stainless steel use, saving manufacturing costs to 100 m3 wine tank, for example, Wine Making Equipment The cost of thin-walled containers is only 2/3 of the traditional stainless steel containers. The manufacturing process uses a reel into a round production process to minimize the weld. Each tube has only one vertical weld. The argon protection welding process is used to optimize the process. , Reducing the manufacturing cycle, which also reduces the human cost, to ensure the quality of the container production process and production cycle, therefore, for the scale of the expansion of liquor enterprises to provide a feasible way to optimize the savings.

Thin-walled stainless steel containers are widely introduced in the design of food hygiene concept and design concept, manufacturing process, so the manufacture of stainless steel container beautiful appearance, less weld and clean and tidy, all interfaces sleek transition, Easy to clean, to meet the liquor business needs clean production, but also in line with the world of food products production process equipment standards for the Chinese liquor to the world to provide the protection of technology and equipment.

In the design and manufacture to highlight the safety and reliability of the container, the introduction of steel welded container design strength design software and methods, the manufacture of key welds and interfaces for surface detection or ray detection, in the manhole and fire safety breathing valve And other accessories on a large number of petrochemical containers mature technology can thus fully meet the dangerous chemicals packaging, Wine Making Equipment container production needs.

In contrast to pots, the cost of stainless steel thin-walled containers is cheaper, in addition to the basic does not contain K, Cu plasma, resulting in the accumulation of new wine aging this shortcomings, the advantage is its capacity can be as large as thousands of tons, Ton, do not produce wine loss, safe and reliable, indoor open storage can be on the large-scale modulation with the same quality wine, Wine Making Equipment to ensure the quality of the same batch of wine has a great advantage. Relative to the aluminum cans, stainless steel thin-walled containers have the advantages of large volume, in quality, cost-effective has a great advantage.

From the cost per ton of wine unit, the cost of using aluminum cans is more than several times that of stainless steel thin-walled containers. Relative to the traditional stainless steel containers, stainless steel thin-walled containers in addition to the cost of about 1/3 or so, but also because of stainless steel thin-walled containers focus on food-grade design and manufacturing, while the same safety, in the production process, Wine Making Equipment can effectively solve Cleaning problems, to the production of storage management has brought great improvements, reduce production costs, to ensure the quality of wine, but also reduce the cleaning costs, saving management costs.