Quality Control In Prettech

We always buy first grade stainless steel cold/hot rolled steel coil from worldwide famous steel mills Baosteel, POSCO, the chemical and mechanical performance are very stable.

We test quality for each batch, mainly focused on surface, shape,and do inspection in the lab for chemical C, S, Ni,Cr,and for mechanical properties of yield,tensile and elogation,the material with defect would be kicked out.

A strict compliance with the content of ISO 9001: 2008 is requested for every procedure of our manufacturing.

We do test for

1、Raw Material ----- control tank quality from the beginning.

2、Welding Properties ----- make sure the welding seam smooth and nice outlook,internal surface is polished to food grade,no any welding defects.

3、Nondestructive Test

4、Water Filling Test

5、Pressure Test


6、Dye Penetration examination


7、Packaging Test

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