Method Of Brewing Glutinous Rice Wine For Wine Making Equipment

  Method of brewing glutinous rice wine for Wine Making Equipment.

  1, the amount of raw materials.

  Glutinous rice, 100 kg; red yeast rice, 6 to 7 kg; water, 160 ~ 170 liters; shochu, the amount of.

  2, preparation method.

  (1) soaking:

  Choose the best glutinous rice, washed with water, with no rice layer 20 ~ 30 cm high water, soaked in 25 ℃ below 8 hours (winter and spring in 15 ℃ below soak for 14 hours), soaked with rice to no white heart Is appropriate, the summer need to change 1 to 2 times the water, so as not to sour.

  (2) Cooking:

  The rice out of the rinse with water, drain, into the steamer steamed, Wine Making Equipment the fire steamed, the first steam after 5 minutes, exposing cover to the rice layer by adding appropriate amount of water, and then capped steam for 10 minutes, exposing the cover material. To non-stick is not hard, and no hard to keep the retort.

  (3) Mixing:

  After pouring out the rice bowl on the bamboo mat, Wine Making Equipment when the material temperature dropped to 36 ~ 38 ℃ is not hot, while flipping into the red song, stir evenly. Into the wine altar, add the necessary water to stir well after sealing, standing in the room so that natural saccharification.

  (4) Fermentation:

  Material in the altar fermentation, rice and red yeast will be on the water, every 2 to 3 days to stir with a wooden bar, so that the rice pressure surface, with linen the altar cover. After 20 to 25 days of fermentation, can smell a strong wine flavor, lees are gradually sinking, the liquor began to clarify that the end of the fermentation. Open the altar to remove the distiller's grains, the wine liquid to settle the precipitate.

  (5) aging:

  To clarify the wine into the belly small mouth of the altar, with bamboo wrapped bandage altar, deposited on the soil. The wine altar will be discharged in the wine room, Wine Making Equipment surrounded by chaff shell filled, and then lit the husk fire fried wine, so that the color from red to red brown. The longer the storage time, the color of wine, fragrance, taste the better. In order to improve the quality of the wine, you can add to the first press after the base wine to add 46 degrees of shochu, adding the amount of 0.1 g / 100 ml, sealing smoked 60 days, pour the pressure after the sealed cylinder, that can be sweet as Honey of wine.

  Storage method Glutinous rice wine should not be long-term storage, Wine Making Equipment winter attention to warm, 3-4 days after edible; summer in the wine with a little water to boil, can extend the storage time.