How To Brew Wine, Wine Making Equipment Selection Is The Key

  How to brew wine, Wine Making Equipment selection is the key

  "The Analects of Confucius" in such a sentence: "want to do things must first of its profits," meaning that: a person if you want to do things well, do well do well, it should be ready to do the tool adequate preparation. For example, we go up the mountain to cut firewood, it should choose a sharp and durable ax, so half a day down to be able to cut a bundle of firewood, and if we choose a bad ax, it is likely that even a day with half a bundle of firewood Can not cut. So the choice of tools, often decided to do things is "more with less", or only "less effective."

  On the wine, the tool is Wine Making Equipment. The same reason, choose what kind of Wine Making Equipment is directly related to the wine can not brew, can not do business to make money.

  We know that the traditional wine is mostly used wok, wood Zhen and other backward equipment, the low rate of liquor, wine quality is not guaranteed, and the cost of large cost. If we adopt such traditional equipment, not only the profits are not guaranteed, but also in the process of competition with the local traditional master is also not competitive, like a boxing just want to match the boxing champion, is unable to win, but if Give him a dagger, his odds are not greatly increased?

  With the rapid development of science and technology, wine technology and equipment have also been innovative and improved to a machine as the representative of the new technology Wine Making Equipment is the latest and most advanced Wine Making Equipment technology, functional, A multiplier effect, is a competitive "dagger". What are the specific advantages, we take a look:

  First, the equipment material.

  A mechanical brewing equipment, the main pieces of all standard 8K304 stainless steel refined, the equipment is very fine welding, acid and alkali high temperature, the use of safe, high quality, long life cycle.

  Second, the equipment structure.

  Adjustable pot lid. A mechanical brewing equipment with adjustable wine pot lid, not only can adjust the wine, but also play a filter to miscellaneous, the role of Chen Chongxiang; and wine adjustable pot double-layer structure can also play a regulating wine Degree, the role of steam, improve quality.

  Good cooling and sealing. Special cooler device, increased cooling area, improved cooling effect, and good sealing makes the wine steam is not exposed, to ensure the output.

  String steamer, can use different food string steamed out of different flavors of wine, to solve the difficulties of the Millennium problem.

  In addition, a mechanical brewing equipment at the end of its use of energy-saving design, greatly reducing the fuel consumption, saving production costs. Equipment, a total of 9 major types of 32 kinds of conventional equipment can be based on their different needs, different investment ability to choose the most suitable brewing equipment

  Of course, only a "dagger", we can not move a competitor down, how to do it? Give yourself a pistol! And a mechanical research and development of multi-functional Chen Chen, is a let you beat the opponent, win the "pistol".