Control Of Temperature In Small Wine Making Equipment

  Control of temperature in small Wine Making Equipment

  Small wine equipment on the temperature control, as consumers of liquor quality requirements are getting higher and higher, wineries and wine is also constantly improve their own wine technology to meet the market competition needs. There are excellent quality of wine equipment, but also must have a good wine technology. Many factors affect the process of wine, such as sterilization, temperature, sealing, steaming time, etc., Wine Making Equipment today Xiaobian to talk about the impact of temperature.

  Temperature control is important for high quality liquor production. Its effects play from the raw material ripening process and continue to the bottling of fermented, aged and white wine. If the liquor brewing process can not maintain its protection of the quality of wine temperature, will not produce the highest quality wine. Even with the best variety of high-quality raw materials are useless, expert analysis of specific reasons are as follows:

  (A) high temperature will promote oxidation, Wine Making Equipment causing microbial rancidity and instability

  Fermentation of microorganisms is relatively sensitive to temperature, the general temperature is too high will let them gradually lose the original vitality, causing rancidity and instability, so in the fermentation process must control the temperature range, Wine Making Equipment if the temperature is too high to be carried out Cooling down.

  (2) to avoid heating and storage under heating conditions

  Be sure to avoid fermentation and storage in a heated environment because the fermentation and storage under warming conditions will cause the expected aroma and spices outside the alcohol to be depleted.

  (C) yeast fermentation high temperature passivation passivation, residual sugar and affect the fermentation process

  In the process of making wine will also be used in the cold storage, such as the stability of the treatment of fresh raw materials and fermentation tanks for the cooling, Wine Making Equipment this technology has been used by most of the wineries in the main wineries in the heat The load is the temperature of the raw material along with the cooling of the fresh raw material juice, which is very important for the separation process, the temperature control of all the prerequisites for the brewing process, without the correct temperature control techniques, it can not produce refreshing liquor.