Buy A Small Wine Making Equipment When You Need To Pay Attention To What?

Buy a small Wine Making Equipment when you need to pay attention to what? There are many friends who want to wine before the wine are very hesitant to buy what kind of equipment, what equipment to buy a series of questions, here Xiaobian for the purchase of small Wine Making Equipment when needed Pay attention to what a simple introduction, we hope to have some help:

What do you need to pay attention to when purchasing a small brewing device?

Wine Making Equipment is actually a distillation equipment, the fermentation of good food in the wine through the high temperature heating from the wine separated from the equipment; distillation equipment is the core part of the process of wine, of course, the entire wine process also includes crusher, fermentation tank, Filtration equipment and equipment for bottling.

Buy Wine Making Equipment need to start from what aspects to think about it?

It is not advisable to purchase Wine Making Equipment from the material, type, type, brand and sale of Wine Making Equipment.

The material of the Wine Making Equipment

Currently on the market mainstream Wine Making Equipment materials are aluminum and stainless steel and copper three, these three materials have their own advantages, so the choice of time can be free to choose. The winemaker believes that the stainless steel Wine Making Equipment is more moderate, from the price point of view, is the most suitable wine material.

Food grade stainless steel, commonly used 304,316,201, of which 304 is the best, 316 second, 201 is relatively poor. But in general, as long as there is no special requirements, in fact, 201 is enough, as long as no water, water quality is not too bad, basically decades will not be bad.

Types of Wine Making Equipment

Market Wine Making Equipment is divided into two categories: the old pan and efficient energy-saving steam wine pot. Vintage pan is the traditional wine making equipment, it has a more fatal shortcomings: easy to paste pot, even the old master is not easy to control. And efficient energy-saving steam wine pot is the product of the development of modern technology, compared to the previous equipment has many advantages: the use of a variety of national patent heating technology, never wiping the phenomenon; no smell. The taste of the wine is only a thick wine flavor, you can now burn now sell, but also addicted to wine; distillation of liquor discharged from the distiller's grains is engaged in breeding the best feed, lees in the protein content of up to 18% or more, you can feed pigs Cattle, sheep, deer, fish, chickens, ducks, geese and so on. Therefore, we recommend that you choose efficient energy-saving steam Wine Making Equipment.