Brewing Non-acid Wine Making Equipment Is Not A Good Wine Making Equipment

Brewing non-acid Wine Making Equipment is not a good Wine Making Equipment

The reader several times before the drink wine, will certainly frowned: "wow, how so sour?" And then drink a few times, only slowly felt that accompanied by sour from the flowers and fruity, in the gradually on the road The process of the importance of acidity, and like the sour taste of wine.

In fact, the acidity can be said that the backbone of wine, wine if the lack of acidity, wine quality will appear quite loose. Acidity can make the smell of wine more clear, Wine Making Equipment for the wine after the finish to provide strong support, in addition to the wine quality performance is more dynamic and fresh, but also dry white wine preservative, white wine aging ability to rely on The higher the acidity and acidity, the greater the potential for aging, and the dry white wines with excellent acidity can be easily stored for 20 to 30 years (but this figure is also close to the aging of dry white wines). For sweet white wine, acidity in addition to preservatives, or flavor, sweet wine also need to reduce the sweet and sour taste. For red wine, acidity is also a rich structure and the role of seasoning,

Because the red wine tannins are also sour, so the use of thick skin, rich in tannins wine, the winemaker need to find ways to reduce the grape acidity; and tannin less grape wine, Wine Making Equipment you need to increase the wine Acidity, support the wine structure.

If so, what kind of acidity is considered good?

The different parts of the tongue are specially used to feel different flavors. Can taste sweet taste buds concentrated in the tongue, and sour area is distributed on both sides of the tongue, the next drink, you can carefully experience, if the tongue on both sides of a little bit of wine "bites" feeling, Wine Making Equipment then secrete the amount Of the saliva, the whole process without any other sense of displeasure, that even if the acidity of the more excellent acidity. If the acidity is not enough, it will not promote the secretion of saliva, if the acidity is excessive, it will make a little tingling inside the mouth, are not good acidity.

Gourmets often say that white wine is a good companion for oysters. But their best combination of methods is: the oysters open after a few drops of high acidity of white wine to the oysters, Wine Making Equipment eat directly - this is the Shenzhen oyster oyster god personally taught the door. I promise you will never want to use lemon juice or oyster juice to make oysters.

The richness or lack of acidity of the wine will be manifested in appearance. Wine-rich wines, wine will show a relatively bright brightness, the appearance of glossy beautiful; if the lack of acidity, wine is bleak, looks like expired grape juice.

Usually from the cold region of the wine has a high acidity, it is because the sunshine time is short, low temperature, leading to insufficient grape maturity, grape fruit acidity increased, brewed wine naturally have high acidity. And the wine from the warm region because the grape fruit is usually fully mature, Wine Making Equipment the fruit of the acidity of the lower, resulting in the natural acidity of wine is also low. The next time if you see the hot areas of the wine is still very rich acidity, remember to pay tribute to the winemaker.