Beer Tanks DIY Some Wonderful Little Things

Canned refined beer is becoming more and more common, drink out of the direct throw will feel wasteful, but now sell waste is not worth a few money, then how to deal with these colorful beer cans? To teach you to use the old beer cans to diy some wonderful little things.

1. Simple Pencil Holder

Preparation tools: Clean beer cans, can screwdriver, pliers, double-sided adhesive.

Operation: To open the lid of a beer jar with a tin screwdriver, be careful when you start, do not scratch the hand, also try not to let the beer jar deformation; Since the opening of the beer can the upper part of the sharp, so to use pliers to the sharp parts of the rest, so that it becomes smooth and mellow; Because the beer cans are lighter, you should stick the beer cans on the table with double-sided glue In this way, a simple pen is done.

2. WiFi Signal Amplifier

Preparation tools: Clean beer cans, knives, scissors, routers.

Operation: The lower end of the beer jar is cut along the red line with a knife, the upper end is cut along the red line but not completely cut off, so that the upper end is still connected with the tank body. At the upper end and the tank body connected to the opposite body, with scissors straight cut open, and the tank expansion open. Remove the jar top pull ring, and put two thick double-sided sticker on the top of the jar, connect the router, insert the antenna into the jar mouth of the aluminum jar, then use the double-sided sticker to fit the beer jar and the router, which can be kept in the rear of the antenna. In this way, a WiFi signal amplifier is done.

3. Hanging piece

Preparation tools: Clean beer cans, knives, scissors, double-sided adhesive, ruler, marker pen, photo frame.

Operation: Select a few different styles of beer cans, first, cut off the upper and lower lid, leaving the tank body, and flatten it, then use the ruler to measure the size of the frame, calculate the size of the beer tank, will be able to cut all the beer cans into a uniform size of the material, but also can be cut into different sizes, But make sure the size of the stitching is consistent with the frame size; In the cutting of beer cans must pay attention, in order to make the effect more beautiful, must choose the logo area to cut, the ingredients and other text areas to be removed; Finally, the beer can be trimmed again flat, affixed on the back of the double-sided paste, in accordance with the order of the picture frame can be. Such a simple pendant is finished.

4. Popcorn

Preparation tools: Clean beer cans, knives, kernels, edible oil.

Operation: With a knife in the beer cans can be cut above the body, will cut a good part of the downward roll out can; Pour the right amount of edible oil into the beer jar, then burn the beer can on the fire, and so on the oil micro-heat can be put into the appropriate amount of corn, continue to heat to get tasty popcorn; put the plate on the outside of the incision cut out of the beer jar, Popcorn will explode straight out of the incision. The operation must be careful, avoid burns.

5. Beer Pot Roast Chicken

Preparation tool: A can of beer, whole chicken, all kinds of seasoning, oven.

Operation: The whole chicken head to the tail to wash the viscera, do not split the whole chicken, marinate the whole chicken with seasoning for 30 minutes; Open the beer, pour half of it, add the right amount of seasoning to the beer, select a potato or onion, size to be able to be stuck at the opening of the head, wash the oven, preheat it, remove the tray, Pour a layer of water into the baking tray, insert the prepared beer cans into the whole chicken, and then plug the potatoes or onions into the openings of the nose, keep the beer cans upright, then put the whole directly on the baking pan, before entering the oven, then give the whole chicken a layer of edible oil; then bake it in the oven until about 90 minutes and bake until the time is up to the size of the whole chicken. Roast to the outside, then you can enjoy the delicious meal.

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