Beer Brewing Equipment Mainly Divided Into Two Kinds

Beer equipment, as the name suggests, is used to brew beer equipment. There are two main brewing equipment - brewing room temperature beer equipment and brewing low-temperature beer equipment. The main difference is that one is in a low temperature environment, one is at room temperature.

1, low-temperature brewing equipment all made of stainless steel or luxury wooden plate finishing. Internal use of mirror polishing, the external use of stainless steel polishing bright or drawing board.

2, the overall equipment and pipeline layout nice, simple and elegant appearance. Equipment between the pipes using sanitary connections, disassembly, assembly, mobile easy and flexible. To ensure that the equipment easy to operate, safe.

3, the main equipment level adjustable, stable performance, at the same time with a sound automatic cleaning system, cleaning convenience, thorough, no residue, to ensure brewing quality.

4, the main equipment welding precision to health standards, all with wort, beer, cleaning agents, pipes, fittings, valves are using stainless steel materials to ensure the health and health of the products.

5, in order to meet the needs of different business premises, there are Nissan 100L, 200L, 300L, 500L, 1000L. Different grades of brewing equipment, different equipment covers an area of about 7 to 100 square meters.

Mainly by the raw material crushing system, combined saccharification system, wort cooling system, fermentation system, CIP cleaning system, plate heat exchanger, refrigeration system, insulation system, power distribution system, water treatment systems, piping, valve system The composition, the water treatment unit, the brewing device, the fermentation and storage vessel, and other means for the brewing of beer are all arranged in a float. Compared to the general brewing equipment, small equipment, including the main components of heating equipment, refrigeration equipment and filtration equipment, the need for insulation, manual operation, brewing requires some professional skills.

The role of the heating tank is mainly used to boil water and boiled wort, heating tank above the instrument is a thermometer; saccharification tank for saccharification of beer for wheat, so that the sugar of sugar through the decomposition of saccharification, saccharification tank points up and down two layers, The upper layer is mainly used for saccharification and decomposition, the next layer is mainly used to filter and dive, the wort and wheat residue to separate, out of wheat residue (that is, the legendary distiller's grains); ice tank role is through it Used to give beer to cool, ice water tank has a large chiller, with air conditioning and refrigeration a reason; fermentation tank for fermentation out of the beer, beer fermentation time is longer, to 12 days or more, so taste will Very good; automatic electronic exhaust valve is mainly in the fermentation process, in order to safety, when the pressure is too high automatically exhaust; pressure gauge and electronic exhaust valve connected together when the pressure is over, the electronic valve will automatically open ; Precipitation of yeast and wine residue area, a few valves for the discharge of yeast and rosacea; solenoid valve role in the ice water tank to the beer cooling, when the temperature is higher than the set temperature, the solenoid valve automatically open, automatic cooling; Add cans , For the yeast into the fermentation tank, so that beer fermentation; distribution box, which dense lines, but very clear and organized; plate heat exchanger, is used to heat the boiled wort; sugar meter The apparatus used to measure the speed and clarity of the wort filtration; the pulverizer is used to crush the wheat.