Beer Brewing Equipment Features And How To Use It

Malt Grinder

Crushing equipment: Malt grinder, the product uses the linear guide with high precision, the product runs the higher precision; the product adopts the new type composite gear with self-lubricating function (has obtained the national patent) transmission, the transmission is more stable, the noise is lower, the impact resistance is stronger, the abrasion resistance is higher ; New type grinding roller (obtained national patent) using high-quality steel shaft head and new roller material, all do the dynamic balance, the processing material granularity is more uniform, the efficiency is higher, the part service life is longer, the grinding roll clearance adjustment structure is simple and labor-saving, the precision is higher; Material cleanliness is easier to ensure; design material feed into the adjustment mechanism, the material is fed more evenly.

I. Main structure and performance characteristics

1, this product mainly by the rack, transmission system, crushing chamber, grinding roller, adjustment mechanism, flow control mechanism, upper Hopper, down Hopper and other parts.

2, raw after the removal of impurities and water run into the hopper, relying on raw weight and the machine slightly vibration into the two rollers between the extrusion roller grinding, grinding under the hopper discharged.

3, the product has small size, large production, reliable performance, energy saving, durable and easy maintenance and so on.

4. Simple operation and convenient maintenance.

II. Scope of application

This product is widely suitable for pharmaceutical, beer, monosodium glutamate and other manufacturers of major equipment supporting the use. Also suitable for rural and urban small feed factory use.

Saccharification Pot, gelatinization pot

1, the use of high efficiency Maitreya plate jacket heat transfer technology, applied science steam turbulence principle, to achieve maximum heat conduction, energy-saving effect, at the same time take full automatic temperature control technology, to ensure the saccharification, gelatinization process stages of heating speed and the accuracy of insulation time.

2, the use of international advanced suspension speed control system, the use of frequency conversion, automatic mixing method to ensure gelatinization, saccharification process of the mixture of mash, can maximize the gelatinization, saccharification process of various enzymes in the best biological activity and conversion, catalytic effect, so that the source of the best quality of beer and the highest yield.

Filter Groove

1, the use of advanced scientific special-shaped knife construction system and hydraulic automatic lifting technology, to ensure that the chute uniform, smooth groove, but also improve the filtration speed and production efficiency, to maintain a good transparency and juice yield.

2, the use of international advanced suspension, mixing equipment, with frequency conversion, speed regulation, automatic control technology, so that the operation more convenient, flexible, simple maintenance, saving costs.

Carbon Dioxide Booster Machine

Principle it is to use compressed air as a power source, with the air pressurized pump as the pressure source, the output pressure and driving gas source pressure into a proportional example. By adjusting the pressure of the driving gas source, we can get the corresponding pressurized gas pressure. When the gas pressure is driven and the pressure is balanced, the booster pump stops charging and the output gas pressure is stabilized on the preset pressure. Thus has the explosion-proof, the output pressure may adjust, the volume is small, the weight is light, the operation is simple, the performance is reliable, the application scope is broad and so on characteristic.

Refrigeration equipment

Beer production cooling system includes: Ice water tank, refrigerator, evaporator, cooling tower, pipe valve and control system, in which the refrigeration unit is the core part of the general use of liquid ammonia refrigeration compressor group, respectively, for the heat exchange and direct fermentation, sake can reduce beer temperature.

Fermentation equipment

Bear the production task of the product. It must be able to provide the conditions required for microbial life activities and metabolism, and is easy to operate and control, to ensure the realization of process conditions, so as to obtain high yield.

Hop Add system

1, hop Add system can be composed of two or more cans, with pumping and piping, valves and other accessories, but also to achieve automatic control to add quantity.

2, hop add the system of cans, valves, pipelines and other systems can be connected with the CIP system to achieve automatic, semi-automatic, cleaning and disinfection.

Sedimentation tank

1, according to the best unit filtration area of the wheat accumulation volume design, enlarge the tank diameter height ratio, reduce the swirling sinking speed, promote solidification of sedimentation and cohesion, to achieve the best separation.

2, with a hot solidified storage tank, can improve the yield of wort, but also reduce environmental pollution.