Water bottle industry

Industry according to the kettle the kettle depending on type, such as a kettle can become an independent industry, the plastic bottle industry is an industry, industry leading in market demand and trends are. There are also wooden jug kettle and some peoples, due to high demand and applications is quite narrow and purely manual process cannot be guaranteed under such restrictions, and therefore can not become mainstream in the future.

And in the electric kettle safety problems and issues such as consciousness, quality of electricity restrictions, of course, this can be solved by technology, especially the use of methods and applications. Plastic water bottles are most likely to become the future mainstay of our water bottles, not only are widely used, and safe, portable, reliable, and many other advantages, from the environmental protection, if the water bottle manufacturers could use some met the high standards of sanitary materials as raw materials, it will be more environmentally friendly than electric kettle.

There are currently several bottle manufacturers, such as Guangzhou beat industrial limited, the big United States, Van Hoa, optimistic about the future of plastic water bottles, and will increase investment in this block.