Vacuum drying oven usage considerations

Vacuum dry box is a paragraph more old of dry equipment, early in Shang century 80 years on was people widely of using Yu drug manufacturing, main is used to on material for dry heating, but later due to not convenient on material disc for cleaning and sterilization, dry time long, workers of intensity increased has rarely using, and now main for in the, and small production process in the for heat treatment life force empty pressure machine accessories.

Dry box of box internal with heating Board into multilayer, heating Board in through hot or low voltage of steam as heating media, will Pu has need heating dry of drug put in material disc Shang, shut good box door, in using vacuum pump will box within pumped into vacuum, heating Board in run heating media of process in the cycle flow, makes drug heating to developed of temperature, water on will was evaporation and with pumping vacuum gradually was taking, odd joint production of vacuum dry box convenient control, more can makes condensation recycling was evaporation of dissolved media, in dry drug of process in the, So that it is not contaminated, it can be used for drug packaging material sterilization and heat treatment, equipment widely used in chemical, electronics, instruments, meters, and other industries, for material, spare parts, machine, vacuum drying of the product.