Tank classification

1. divided by the materials steel, reinforced concrete and brick three. Oil tank

Oil tank

Vertical steel oil tank (including vaults and roof-type cylindrical), shell-and-ball (spherical) and horizontal (cylindrical). Vertical dome roof tank consists of spherical tank top and posed by the wall of vertical cylindrical tanks, mainly used for nonvolatile storage medium oils, such as gas oil and similar types of oil. The most commonly used volume.

Floating roof tanks are floating on the surface of the floating roof and walls of vertical cylindrical tanks posed. Floating roof tank media reserves is increasing or decreasing lift, has a ring seal between the outer edge of the floating roof and wall installations, always directly covered by the inner floating roof tank medium, reducing volatile medium. For volatile oil is mainly used for storage media, such as gasoline and similar types of oil. Floating-roof oil tank volume is large. Floating top is divided into single-pan type floating roof, double disc and float-type floating roof and other forms.

Horizontal tanks are end caps and posed by horizontal circular or oval tank wall, usually used in the production process or the gas station. Horizontal tank volume is usually smaller than 100m&sup3.