Oil tank

Container for the storage of crude oil and other petroleum products. Tank recently there's a disaster, we have to pay attention to, the security operation has become a oil tank urgent things. Tanks a lot does not conform to the terms of use, which is a major reason leading to tank accident. Oil tank sites is strictly prohibited in the vicinity of power lines and risk place near work. When the oil tank fuel filter maintenance, does not advocate using gasoline burn cleaner cores. Some drivers when maintenance fuel filter, like the gasoline-fired ceramic filter approach to remove impurities from the filter. That easily cause fire, as well as affect the service life of the filter. Oil tankers within the depot, no short circuit fire save way to check the battery status. In a small, poorly ventilated within the depot, often placing equipment such as tires, batteries, tarpaulins, spilled gasoline on the ground, and sparks of fire is likely to ignite the oil molecules in the air. When the car engine is running or when the cradles, no pouring gasoline into the carburetor. Some drivers in order to increase the concentration of the gas mixture inside the cylinder to raise gasoline in the carburetor, do to start in case of oil into the cylinder, and it may also result in temper, is dangerous.