Ion exchanger

Ion exchanger is mainly used in boilers, thermal power plants, chemical industry, textile, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics and pure water treatment before the treatment process, in the area of industrial production are needed in hard water softened, deionized water, can also be applied to a food or drug the decolorization and purification, chemical raw materials and precious metals recycling.

Ion exchangers can generally be divided into yin and Yang, sodium ion exchanger, mixing bed types, in the design process of ion exchange, strange power technicians using PVC-u, PVC-composite fiberglass, plexiglass, PMMA transparent glass composite steel, steel with rubber lining and stainless steel with rubber lining material.

Ion exchanger as one of the most commonly used in the field of water treatment, which works by: anion cation-selective and balanced reaction by removal of electrolyte ions in a water treatment device, and is more widely used in water treatment applications, in particular in the preparation of highly pure water technology is the must-have device. Ion-exchanger in the electrolyte solution through ion-exchange resins, it can better remove all kinds of anions and cations, is currently in the process of preparation of highly pure water means irreplaceable. When the raw water through ion-exchange column at the same time, the anions and cations in water (HCO-plasma) with exchange resin in h + ion and anion exchange resin of Oh-ions, and then will be able to achieve the purpose of desalination, the yin and Yang in the process of mixing different combinations of columns can also meet higher requirements.