Support Equipment

Product Details


Material: SS304

Max. capacity: 3000kg/H

ABB motor

Matched with malt mill machine

Auger length, voltage& frequency can be customized

Malt mill

Material: Stainless steel or carbon steel

Two- roller type is most popular, roller gaps is adjustable,

Belt roller

ABB motor, voltage& frequency can be customized

The machine can be stored away when not used to save room

Heat exchanger

Material SS304 with EPDM gasket

2 station 6 leads

inlet&outlet for wort

water and glycol


With ABB motor

Freon R404A

Water tank and controlling box.


Sterilizing &alkali water tank

Centrifugal pump

Stainless trolley with wheels

Cables and valves

Keg washer &filler

Keg washer, keg filler or combo of keg washer& filler unit

1 head or 2 heads

by manual or automatic, for the latter we use PLC touch screen to control the whole of machine, the process of washing, sterilizing and filling is operated automatically.