Lauter Tun

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Product Details

Lauter Tun

Basic configuration includes:


Finish: polished internally, brushed externally

Dished top, slope bottom

Dimple jacket or fire box

Insulation material PU foam, thickness 80mm

Removable false bottom 0.7mm,

4 legs with leveling feet

Agitator with elevator, grain spending by manual or automatically, ABB motor

Grain rake with VFD control and ABB motor

Sparging water coil

Sieve plate

2 pipes connected to the drain outlet on the bottom

Accessories include:

Top man way with sight glass with  spot light,

Inspection opening on the top,

Sanitary CIP spray ball 

Port and Thermowell temperature probe

Level indicator,

Complete with all Sanitary valves and fittings 

Wort collection connection 

Counter washing device


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