Stainless Steel Conical Beer Fermentation Tank and Fermenter

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Beer Fermentation Tank

Beer fermentation tank (FV) is closed cylindrical tanks under specified pressure for wort fermentation. Large conical bottom enables easy discharge of sediment. Cooling jacket can be chose for temperature control. Insulation is optional to contribute to a more economical use of energy. The capacity ranges from 100L to 300KL.



Finish: bushed externally, polished internally, roughness less than 0.6um

Designing pressure: 0.25MPa, working pressure: 0.15MPa

Dished top, conical bottom 60-75 degree

Dimple jacket on shell and bottom,1-3 cooling zones according to tank capacity and fermenting requirements.

PU insulation 80mm thickness

4 legs with levelling feet and connecting tubes

Top manhole on the top

Elliptical manhole on the front side

Outlet  with butterfly valve and tri clamps

Glycol water inlet/outlet NPT1"

Breathing valve

CIP ball and tubes with tri clamp

Thermometer with internal tube and PT100

Pressure gauge 

Pressure relief valve(PVRV) with butterfly valve

Level indicator butterfly valve

Carb stone 

Hop port(if any)

Racking arm

Sampling valve

Connection standard can be ISO or DIN

All ports&tubes are handled smoothly, no burs, all the welds and joints are ground smooth to insure sanitation.

Stainless steel inspection certificate and pressure test certificate would be provided.


Our tanks are packed with blanket and anti-water film, lay down on steel saddle. The packaging looks very beautiful and won’t be damaged during shippment.

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